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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two entries

In one day?
You're some kind of spoiled (and I'm some kind of bored).

This one is mostly just me blabbing -less on the books, more on the "whatever I feel like telling you" side of the blog. And all of this just basically being me procrastinating on my The Things That Matter review...which is sad, since part numero uno goes up tomorrow. But that's why I'm doing it in 8 parts, so I have time to edit as I go. Right? Right.

First order of business. It hasn't become evident much in this blog yet, but I swear. A lot. Nonchalantly or with great emphasis -as a bumper sticker I have on Facebook says: "Profanity makes talking fun!" Now, while I don't necessarily believe that to be true, I really have no issue with swearing. I'll call a spade a spade. Or, to be more precise, I'll call a tool a tool. One of my favorite observations while driving is "Nice truck/car/pimp-mobile of your choice -sorry about your dick." Because it's at least partially true (nobody has a car that makes that GGGGGGRRRRRRVVVVVVVRG rattly noise and has spoilers, superfluous tailpipes, a car so shiny it looks like it's covered in olive oil and all the little doo-dads who isn't compensating for something, whether it's phallic or not). So, just as an fyi, if the occasional curse is going to bother you... be prepared to avert your eyes, at least occasionally. I try to tone it down on the blog, but sometimes it will inevitably slip through. At least I'm not the Tourette's Guy.

Count your blessings.

Second order of business. I've recently started following another blog called The Pretty Year. It's this woman, Michelle, who's decided to amp up her wardrobe with 250 outfits while spending less than $250. Neat stuff. She's a funny lady, too, and she isn't afraid to tell it how it is. Although she swears a lot less than I do. If you have any interest in clothes or women's fashion or cool people who do interesting things and aren't afraid to talk about it online, check her out. I also like the fact that she is not a stick-thin girly girl. Coming from my own petite POV, it's nice to know there are people out there who aren't a 36-25-36 or whatever and who are proud of it.

Third order of business. I am really procrastinating right now. I've gone through and linked this article to hell and back. I hope you all click on all of the links. Sometimes they're useful and pertinent and sometimes I'm being a dick or just posting irrelevant links that I think are interesting, whether you agree or not.

Fourth order of business. I am out of things to say. Onward and upward and forward and toward...I'd say backward, but that doesn't work in this context. Or does it?

Check this out! Gender bias is everywhere. I won't go ultra-feminist on you right now (although I guarantee I will have at least one day where I get mad about something and go all femi-nazi on you, all while being well-worded, polite and correct), but seriously editors? I want to join your ranks when I graduate, and this is pathetic. The guy who wrote this is also really funny.

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