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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thor's Day

Because I could. Read it and like it.
Or don't, I suppose. It's really up to you.

I'm having a good week. Today, however, could be quite different. Little sister (Bree, aged 13, dangerous when provoked) is supposed to be having a luau-themed party for her entire eighth grade class, approximately 48 people. 20+ have confirmed attendance. That in itself terrifies me. That's a minimum of 21 thirteen-year-olds in my house/backyard/swimming pool. However, even worse, it's been raining all day.

You can't have a luau in the rain. You just can't. I think it's stopped raining now, which is good, but it's still all shitty-looking outside. The party is supposed to start at 7-ish, I believe. Hopefully it will clear up by then. Otherwise Bree will have to postpone until tomorrow...and that will screw up my plans (maybe). We shall see.

Fingers crossed for non-shitty weather.

I'm listening to Weird Al. That is not relevant, but I thought you should know. He is awesome.

All right, book talk is beginning now.
Last night I went to The Stately Raven (my favorite bookstore here in Findlay) and while there was of course in the Weird Room (which is where all of the fantasy/sci-fi/horror and graphic novels are kept, along with some awesome murals and Darth Vader's head). In the WR, Jonah found a book that traces the history of Batman comics from the funny pages of newspapers, beginning in what I'm guessing was the 1940s. So we sat and read a few pages of them before the Raven closed and we had to leave...and they were terrible. And by terrible I mean hysterically bad. And by hysterically bad I mean they were so awful that I would read them every day of my life until I'm too old to read (and the day that happens, I'm a goner).

We discussed Batman's apparent overreaction to the Penguin's latest crime -he stole a bunch of umbrellas and shot Robin in the eyes with one. One that had been converted into a water pistol. Batman goes from saying "It was only water, not acid! What chumps we are, Robin." to shaking one of the hired thugs the Penguin had used in order to find out where the Penguin was, presumably to dispense a well-timed and cape-fling-y ass-kicking to the umbrella-stealing fiend (and yes, all of those hyphens are necessary). The bold words are as they were in the comic, too. Batman and Robin get their names in bold every time they're used, as do words that need particular emphasis.

As I said, hysterically bad. The comic did not improve from that point -it got incomparably more awesome and horrible. The next one was about stolen pirate gold stashed on an island in a lake (yeah.) and a kidnapped old man who was going to give it all to the government "to help us win the war!" Patriotism was what it was all about.

It was a pretty sweet book. I would buy it, no doubt.

Anybody have any stories about books so bad they're good?

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