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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday update

Sunday! A day of relaxation, haircuts and shopping. I got my hair cut a little shorter than I wanted, but I figure that it's better to have it too short than too long. It'll grow out in a few weeks and I'll need another cut anyway. It looks good at least. Huzzah.

I also read The Perks of Being a Wallflower this morning (courtesy of my friend Dirk Frey who very obligingly left it in my mailbox -thanks Dirk!), and really enjoyed it. There will be a review of that sooner or later, so huzzah for that!
As for tomorrow, I'm going to give you all a choice -I have several reviews lined up and ready to go, but I'm going to let you vote on which one I put up. If I don't get any comments, I'm just going to pick whichever one I want.

Your choices:

  • The Things That Matter: Jane Eyre
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Living Dead in Dallas
Not too many choices, but all of them are finished and ready to be published. It's totally up to you. So get voting!

I'm also starting Walden Two today (thanks for the suggestion, Alex! Yay ideas!) and I'm still searching for some of the other book ideas you've given out. Additionally, more ideas are always good, so send 'em on out!

Tomorrow is also going to be awesome for several other reasons. I'm starting my second job at Spectrum Eye. I have about 60 more files to put away and then I get to fax 929 "new doctor" announcements. However, before I can fax them I have to cross about half of them off since they either don't need announcements or they're out-of-state. Either way, I'll get to wear a skirt to work instead of my slacks! I love wearing skirts, but I haven't been able to since I'm up and down ladders all the time. Then in the evening Jonah is cooking me dinner and we're having a picnic at his house. I can't remember the last time I went picnicking, much less had someone aside from a family member cook for me (not that I don't love my mom's cooking -she's the best), but I'm excited about tomorrow. :)

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