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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I just realized I'm supposed to post 1 "Info 101" article/ my big jump on 5 of them was sort of my worst idea ever. Those 5 would have covered around half of the articles I needed to write for my super secret special project (which clearly is no longer a secret at this point, but you know what? I'll call it what I want. Screw you.).

So for this week we have an article about the excellent Wooster Book Company -these fabulous people were the only ones to write me back when I sent out requests for picture permission for those first 5 articles (towards which I now feel rather bitter). I've been e-mailing back and forth for a couple of weeks with the owner/founder/all-around-cool-person David Wiesenberg in order to get info, more pics and all those shenanigans.

They are Ohio's largest independent bookstore, and I think they're great. I'd love to go visit them, especially for the Buckeye Book Fair (there's a link to info on it in the article, which you need to go read).

Go! Now!

Have a good Saturday.

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