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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Scanner Darkly

Funny story about the title, actually. Once when I was watching the movie, a friend asked me what I was doing via text message. I answered "watching a scanner darkly" and he replied with the question "Why are you brooding over a copier?".

I've never been sure if he was kidding or not.

Regardless, the book is amazing, creepy, sometimes funny and overall a total trip. It broke my heart in more than one way, more than once. It's wonderful. The movie isn't bad either, so if you're looking for something to do this summer, check it out, for sure. Read the book first though. The book is better. The book is always better.

Here's my review. Comments are of course one of the biggest things I want, but just read it...if I can get one person to read a book (or not read a book, depending on what the review says) then I've done my job, and I'll feel like I accomplished something worthwhile. Failing that though, just leave me a comment. ;)


  1. Actually, the title comes from the Bible:

    I Corintians 13:12

    "For now we see through a glass darkly . . . "

    ~~ Tessa Dick

  2. Um... I was referring to an exchange between a friend and myself about the title, not its origin. Thanks for your comment, though.

  3. just thought you'd like to know