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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I work so hard I feel no pain

This morning, my structural integrity was compromised. I dropped/struck a cereal bowl on the divider in our sink, given that I am without coordination of any kind beyond that which allows me to walk and type. I went about picking up the larger pieces and grabbed a roll of paper towels to snatch up the littler ones when, lo and behold, there appeared blood on the paper towels! I wasn't even aware of having cut myself open, but apparently I had; there's about a centimeter long cut on the tip of the ring finger on my left hand. It will not stop bleeding. I checked for glass inside of it, but it won't stop bleeding long enough to let me see. It doesn't really hurt, so I'm assuming we're okay, but it's a little bit irritating to bleed nonstop. I had to remind myself that one cannot bleed to death out a tiny cut in the end of their finger, despite the fact that the water running off of my hand was full of blood.
Life goes on.

I'm reading a book called "Audrey Hepburn's Neck" -so far I'm not impressed, really. The references to AH (the sole reason I picked up the book) seem forced and random...they're supposed to be an integral part of the main character's life, but I'm 40some pages in and it's barely been touched. I'm hoping that it improves as I read, but as yet the only thing that's been interesting to me have been the descriptions of Japan, which are cool. I like that aspect. We'll see where it goes. Expect a review eventually.

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