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Saturday, June 27, 2009


On a totally personal note, I'm a brunette again! I've been a redhead since spring break, and the change is nice. I look like me again. It's pretty cool.

Okay, enough about my looks, onto my thoughts!
I finished "Fool" by Christopher Moore and, yes, there is a review of it.
I'll be honest -it's not my favorite book by him. That's mostly just because I have an intense attachment to a couple of his other books which are imho his best, and I tend to hold all of his writing to that standard. Fool doesn't quite hit the mark, but it's only off by a teeny little bit.

It's King Lear retold as a dark comedy. None of Shakespeare's genius is lost, it's just modified to allow Moore space in which to play. It's a fun story, and I would definitely buy it to reread. The character of the Fool is in charge, as if the title didn't give that away, but why am I telling you? Go read my review!

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  1. King Lear is fairly low on my list of the Bard's plays, and I'm only about halfway through, but Fool seems to be pretty solid so far. Better than "Funny Boy" (the dark-comedy of Hamlet) at least.