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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I just got hired by Suite101. Allow me to say that again, for my own benefit. I just got hired by Suite101. I applied a little over a year ago, maybe two....and got rejected. That sucks -writers know this -rejection sucks. So in my bitterness I went on to write at several other places, including, for my local newspaper and of course for (as well as getting published in the North Central Review). All of those things combined helped me get hired by Suite, which is a very nice place to write. :)

Since I got hired this morning, I haven't published anything yet -I'm still learning the ropes and planning out a few articles. They actually have very specific standards (unlike Helium and Examiner, where pretty much anything goes, no matter how bad it is). Hopefully within the next few days I'll start putting some stuff up. And, of course, there will be links.

In other news, I just got a CD with a bunch of novels (and songs) on it from this pretty cool guy I know. ;) I'm sure there will be many more mentions of the Robert Silverberg stuff I'm beginning to read as time goes on, as well as a few reviews...yay for new materials! It's been a good week so far...

Any other writers out there with rejection or acceptance stories? I could share plenty more stories, but right now I'm going to go break in my new legal pad!

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