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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cedar Point and book reports

Cedar Point yesterday was sort of a hodgepodge of good and bad. On the plus side, Jonah went with us to meet my stepdad's family and they didn't act entirely insane the entire time or scare him off or anything like that. It rained, but that let us spend a couple of hours screwing around in the arcade. I'm pretty damn good at air hockey. Just, you know, in case you were wondering.

On the minus side, I got really sick around 1 and ended up...getting really sick on the midway. It wasn't too traumatic, but nobody wants to be horking at Cedar Point. It's just not cool. I managed to walk to Famous Dave's Barbecue after that (check that place out -they have delicious food and the service and atmosphere are excellent -plus not too many people know about it) but I don't really remember the walk because my vision kept sliding off somewhere and leaving me with a sort of hazy darkness. Uncool, but I lived. Sprite, hot tea and chicken wild rice soup had me halfway back to normal. I spent the rest of the day feeling dizzy and slightly disoriented, but I still had a lot of fun anyway.

So that was that. My siblings go back to school tomorrow (neener neener neener) and I don't go back until early September...I'm looking forward to a quiet couple of weeks just hanging out with Mom and working on writing. And reading -I still have a couple of books to finish before I've exhausted my birthday supply.

Speaking of writing, I published my first article on Suite101. It's all about how to write good book reports -and even if you're past the age of book report writing, it has good writing tips for anyone. I'm pretty pleased with it, honestly. I edited this thing probably 15 times before I was satisfied, again under my mom's discriminating eye and then a 17th time when it was 200+ words too long (I like to write, so sue me).

Anyway, it's a decent piece of writing. I also have a few articles up on Examiner that seem to be pretty popular, one about back to school books, one about dual enrollment and one about cheap textbooks. Allll riiight.

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