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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Mmmm, ulterior motives*.

I mentioned the comic Wondermark in a previous entry.
I have ulterior motives* for writing about it again... but it's also a good excuse for me to write a review again, which is something I haven't done in a while.

Wondermark is awesome. It's exactly the kind of bizarre-but-witty social commentary that I look for in my webcomics (that and good artwork, funny characters and artists with personality -Wondermark satisfies all of these needs).

Additionally, David Malki ! once sent me a huge packet of paper from an incredibly old German book for the cost of shipping it to me. I cut out the shipping label and stuck it on my corkboard of coolness. I still haven't decided what to do with the paper, but I distinctly remember talking to him via Twitter and e-mail (I was very excited. I paused the documentary Helvetica solely to acquire pieces of old paper from an artist I like). He is cool.

The comic itself features short strips that show some of the most random, bizarre or hilarious situations imaginable -usually it's a combination of the three.

One of my favorite things about Wondermark is that despite its overt weirdness, it's still relevant. It's still showing me, as a reader, something to laugh at and simultaneously making me realize that I'm laughing at myself (and the people around me). I am frequently laughing out loud in public places about the latest Wondermark strip, even when I'm not reading it. Then I definitely resemble the people at whom Malki ! pokes fun.

Wondermark updates around twice a week, and each issue deals with a different bit of weirdness or some obscure fact (i.e. the speed at which digesting food moves). Each comic also features hypertext, which is always fun (xkcd does that as well). The comics just aren't complete without it, and I am always slightly disappointed when I come across a comic that does not utilize it.

He also makes awesome T-shirts. I own this one. I wear it around people I don't like (for example: bad professors and drunk people around campus) and to prevent other people I have the potential not to like from talking to me. It works quite well, and I am always pleased by it.

No one who creates an entity called Piranhamoose can be anything less than awesome. It's a simple fact of nature.

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