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Friday, November 27, 2009

How to tell if you're in a Disney movie

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There are several important signs that point to Disney movies. It's important to recognize them for your own well-being.

  • Large groups of people are suddenly bursting into choreographed song and dance for no apparent reason
  • You are compelled to join in with the singing and dancing and don't find anything unusual about it
  • Animals and inanimate objects begin to talk and you are able to understand them
  • A fairy, genie, wizard or witch appears and offers you wishes, magic spells, strange items or threatens you with imprisonment or harm
  • You suddenly have romantic feelings for a beastly animal and are not worried about your sanity or well-being
  • You are placed into a position of authority and a kingdom is suddenly under your control or you become responsible for its welfare
  • After a lifetime of poverty, abuse or homelessness you find wealth, love and a family
  • The person you most despise falls in love with you and/or you with them
  • An adviser, close but sarcastic relative or cruel employer suddenly turns on you, kidnaps you or kills/attempts to kill you or a member(s) of your family
  • You fall in love with someone you've known for only a few days
  • Expressing yourself through long music montages is much more suitable than just talking about it
  • You are a woman and the only way you can resolve an issue or save yourself is by getting a man to fall in love with you
  • You are a man and you are suddenly attracted to a woman you met under bizarre circumstances (examples include: meeting a voiceless woman on a beach, imprisoning a provincial villager in her father's stead, seeing a princess-turned-servant over a palace wall, dancing with a servant-turned-princess at a ball, saving a runaway princess's hand from being chopped off by an apple vendor or coming across a princess in hiding as she sings to woodland creatures)
  • Seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be easily overcome with the help of a fairy, a genie or the power of true love/group singing...
Then you may be in a Disney movie. Be vigilant.