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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skipping Class

This is what my brain does when I get worked up about stuff. Which can be good or awesome, depending on the situation. ;)

You know, generally skipping class is not a good thing to do. It's generally considered kind of scummy to not show up for class -it's sort of disrespectful to the teacher and the subject. But that, of course, assumes the class itself is earning that respect -and the necessity of the student's presence. In the case of the class I'm currently skipping, it just isn't so. All of the notes (I mean ALL of the notes -notes on the notes, annotations, extra links and information) are online. Nothing else is done in class except watch the occasional video, which, we are told "is not going to be on the test."

My question becomes, "Well, what IS?"

The teacher of this class is genuinely nice. But she seems to be more interested in making sure no one is challenged even a little tiny bit by the material than teaching us anything.

So I don't go. I challenge myself in other ways during class time. I'll show up for tests and maybe once a week otherwise and do all my projects and work with people when necessary, but otherwise, I'm not going to be there. I'm getting more out of my class by not being in it.

I am, in fact, seeking out more writing gigs. Kind of. I'm not looking for writing for me to do (well, that's a lie -I'm always looking for writing for me to do); right now I'm trying to find people who will be willing to write for my literary journal. Know anybody? Are you somebody who would like to write (or take pictures or draw or make a sculpture and send me a photo of it)? Because I need you. I want you. (Not in a suggestive way.) I want all of the creativity I can get for this baby. I want to make it happen, and possibly happen long term.

I'm falling in love with publishing, you see, more than I ever had before. I want to make this an integral part of my life. But I need writers, thinkers, artists, etc. to help me get it off the ground.

So if you know anybody/are somebody, send them my way. Right now. Comment on the blog, e-mail me with "Leaves & Flowers" as the subject line (it's the working title of the mag right now) and I will fill you in on the aesthetic I'm looking for and what types of submissions I will accept.

Skipping class is totally valuable. ;)

I probably won't be around to update again today or tomorrow since I'm going to a concert tonight and going home for the weekend after that, but I will check periodically to see if I have comments or e-mails and I will respond promptly, I promise!


  1. I had a class like that last year. I still went a lot of the time because I retain more information by hearing it rather than reading it off the internet. But I never felt bad when I skipped it ha.

    I would totally write for that baby, btw. And/or draw. I like its name, too.

  2. Awesome! Shoot me your e-mail address and I'll send you more details! :)

  3. i hate and love classes you get more out of by not being there. good luck with everything...sounds like you have lots of great ideas brewing!

  4. Yeah, those classes are the strangest ones...I'm really interested in the subject, but the class puts me to sleep.

    I'm really excited about my book, though! I came home from school for the weekend and found another person who's willing to write for me, so I'm getting pretty pumped about the whole thing.