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Monday, September 7, 2009

Hitting the books

This is me, looking smug/tired next to one of the 2 most important objects in my room: the (itty bitty) bookshelves! The other important object is my coffeemaker, which you can see some other time. Right behind me is my bed and then a wall, and that's all there is to my room. It gives definition to the word "cozy." Although right now it smells like microwaved alfredo, Good Earth tea and French Vanilla candly-stuff.

I figured it was about time for an update (I'm thinking I skipped last Friday, but I'm too lazy to check) even though everyone I know is probably off somewhere celebrating Labor Day. I'm sitting in my pretty new dorm room drinking hazelnut coffee that I made in my pretty new coffeemaker and smelling the scent of my pretty new (flameless) candle. I don't need a $25 fine for bringing the lovely candles Jonah gave me, even though the smells of them were always comforting.

I moved in on Saturday (thanks Family and Jonah for helping!! Miss you), spent yesterday getting acclimated to campus again and don't really know what's on my list of things to do today. I know I need to walk through my schedule at least once (to see how panicky I'll be tomorrow morning trying to make it from RTec to Porter in under 10 minutes. They're about a block+ apart). Fortunately for me, my last 2 classes of the day are not only right next door to one another in the same building, they're almost directly across the street from my dorm. How convenient!

Unfortunately for me, I have class from 8-4 tomorrow, no breaks. 10 minutes between classes. Granted, on the first day of class it usually goes something like this: "Here's your syllabus. Read chapters x-x for next time and e-mail me if you have questions. See you later!" English classes are usually the ones that keep you the whole time -big lectures just want you to get your syllabus and get out. Lucky me, English classes are my favorite, and I'm finishing out my days with English Lit and then Literary Editing. I'm so excited about that class.

That class is going to take up a lot of space in this blog over the next 10 weeks.

I also have the most stellar schedule imaginable, minus the 8-4 with no breaks bit. I have all 4 of my classes in a row on Tuesday/Thursday and then a 1-hour class on Fridays. That's it. That's all she wrote. "Bam!" said the lady.

Regularly scheduled book talk will begin again in a day or so -I still need to get adjusted to being on campus (and having my own room) before I can read comfortably. Writing my little articles has been a challenge enough.

Edit: Speaking of books... I can't stop drooling over this. So. Jealous.

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