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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have been absolutely terrible about sticking to my schedule. This past quarter -with the exception of my class on Shakespeare's comedies -turned me into an angry (angrier), embittered person, jaded with academia and loathing every minute I spend sitting alone in my room on campus (and that is a lot of minutes, seeing as I am for all intents and purposes a hermit). However, as of 3:30 or so tomorrow afternoon, this quarter will be complete. I will move on to bigger and better things, like taking a class on the history of the English language. I honestly cannot express how excited I am by that. People who know my history with spelling bees will understand. So next quarter should bring more updates, as I'm hoping my faith in the power of the educational system to actually teach me will be restored.

For right now, though, I have nothing of real interest to say -I have been doing very little aside from studying over the past several days, and my reading material is stretching a little thin. Next quarter should be better. :)

Perhaps I need to hire someone to beat me when I miss a blogging deadline...

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