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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Got Books

More accurately, I got a stack of old literary journals and magazines. Yesterday was the last day of my nonfiction writing workshop, and our prof brought in a bunch of them to give away -her husband is a book reviewer and wanted to clean house.

I don't know if that means these are all copies that he didn't like, but if you put me in a room and say, "Free books, take as many as you like!" believe me when I say that I will. I got 4.

Have any of you heard of/read/submitted to/been published in any one of these? Let me know! I'm excited to dig into them and see what's what.

West Branch.

I got the poetry issue from Spring/Summer 2005.
First line of the first piece, called A Walking Fire by Josh Wallaert:
"Now a little fire in a wild field. Winter."


I got the first issue of Volume 30, published in 2010.
First lines of the first piece, called Canto 23 by Mark Smith:
"Marcus, having exchanged the firemen's
asbestos suit he wore in Canto 22
for a jacket of polartec, was escorted
by his Indian guide to the shoreline"

The Greensboro Review.

I got Number 78, from Fall of 2005.
First lines of the first piece, called Necessity at Radmansgatan by Hildred Crill:
"We all rush
down the narrow stone stairway
to the trains or back up again"

Great River Review.

I got the Fall/Winter issue from 2005.
First line of the first piece, called Such Fire, by Lon Otto:
"I was thinking about Roy, which wasn't his real name but what he'd told me to use when I talked about him."
(I will admit that I picked up Great River Review because there is an author in it who shares one of my last names.)

I'm sure I'll be posting more about these as I go through them. What are your favorite literary magazines or journals? And have you submitted to mine? ;)

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